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Want your wife to fuck you with a strapon?

Erotic Hypnosis MP3: "Wife's Guide to Strapon"

Sissies: Buy this for your wives!

This mp3 is designed for men who secretly want their wives to use a strapon on them and have always wanted to tell them but never have. This mp3 is for WIVES to listen to and gradually eases them into the process without scaring them away.

Before purchasing this, please keep a few things in mind. First of all, hypnosis only works on voluntary participants. You cannot hypnotize someone who does not want to be hypnotized. With that being said, positive results cannot be guaranteed unless your wife is willing to accept what I tell her. It all depends on how well she trusts Me and wants to listen to the mp3. However, I spent nearly 2 weeks carefully plotting out how to "ease" her into this without scaring her away. But needless to say, whether or not she may use a strapon on you, she should at least be open to doing Domination/submission with you which is a main ingredient in this mp3. And if she is not into strapon now, perhaps she will be in the future (at least this will open up the door in her mind in a very positive way and hopefully won't gross her out).

Have a strapon and harness already purchased in your home just in case she is willing to use it on you. If not, consider the possibility of shopping for one together to fit her. Secondly, in this mp3 there are 2 main trigger words which I will state here openly (just in case you don't listen to the mp3). The first one is "Goddess" which - if you say it, will arouse her and make her feel like she is in control. The second word is more of a command than a trigger word (she thinks it is a trigger, but you just know you are to obey her) is "sissy slut" and if she says it, you are to immediately drop to your knees and obey anything she tells you.

Also - and this is VITALLY important. When you buy this mp3 and download it and give it to your wife, please leave the room and close the door when she is listening to it. Otherwise, she will be looking over her shoulder and wondering if you are watching her. If she is looking over her shoulder, it will be harder for her to relax and go "down into a trance" and less willing to follow My instructions. So give her space and just tell her that you have something you'd like her to listen to and if she asks what it is, just tell her that you have a little secret and you're too scared to come out and tell her so you want Me to tell her for you. When she is done listening to it, call her a Goddess and watch what happens!

You are welcome to listen to this mp3 prior to giving it to her. It is a wonderful recording and a GREAT transition for wives and eases them into being willing to taking control in the relationship, being a Goddess, and eventually wearing a strapon in the bedroom. The recording is not sexually explicit and is designed to "share an intimate secret" that husbands desperately wants to share.

(Also, the mp3 is discreetly labeled so they won't be able to guess what the recording is about in case they are on the computer looking at the mp3 player while listening.)

Recording includes:
Erotic hypnosis, being bold in bedroom, taking control in relationship, trying new things, accepting a new secret, being treated like a Goddess, treating husband like a submissive, calling husband a sissy slut, wife demanding foot massages from husband in return for arousal, and opening a locked secret box containing the husband's secret (the strapon) in which she should be totally accepting by that point.

Format: MP3 Download
Sound Quality: Professional First-Rate
Vocal Sound Effects: Reverb
Prop Sound Effects: No
Soft Background Music: Yes
Overdubbing Vocals: Yes
Length: 29 minutes, 43 seconds
Zip File Size: Approx. 56 MB
Price: $35.00

Hear Free Sample Here

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