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Miss Nettle knows what i can't admit to myself. That i am a sissy. i want to think that i am a man and not a sissy like her other slaves. After all, i am humiliated when i dress in women's underwear. When i put on those pantyhose and girdle i feel like my cock is about to erupt! Nothing normal makes me feel that way. Normal women, no matter how lovely naked, don't get a rise out of me. That is why i have to turn down all the offers from friends to set me up. i would only disappoint them sexually!

i contacted Miss Nettle because i wanted to live out my fantasy of dressing in my girdle and pantyhose in a woman's presence and that would end thing. Just something I needed to do to get it out of my system. However, getting it out of my system is turning out to be much harder than i thought. One of our recent session had Miss cutting up on my clothes so i would have to drive home in my spandex super hero custom. This was my idea. But Miss has asked me to find a leather skirt and a woman's blouse and take me cross-dressing beyond my women's under clothing. She said early on that she was going to sissify me further and things seem to be going in that direction.

It is time for me to accept that i am a sissy. Not a man but a sissy. It is hard not to admit it with the pictures and videos posted on the Internet as evidence. She once said i looked more like a Rachel than a randall and sometimes it looks that way. When she called me Rachel it made me feel even weaker at that moment. But she doesn't know that and continues to call me by other names.
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